SLED Southeast Partners of the Year for Internetwork Engineering

SLED Southeast Partners of the Year for Internetwork Engineering

Last week, at Cisco’s Annual Partner Conference (this time held digitally), we received the SLED Partner of the year Award for our innovation, leadership and best practice as a Cisco partner throughout the Southeast.

Wewererecognized forourIdeas to Execution (I2E) methodology and 20+ years of experience insupporting SLEDcustomersandhelping them solve their toughest organizationalchallenges with today’s most innovative tech solutions.

Jody Gordon, Vice President, Sales, SLED & Energy, at IE, stated that the award was an honor and that they were named Cisco’s SLED Partner for the Year in Southeast. We have invested in a dedicated SLED organization because we recognize its importance to the community that we love. This award confirms our commitment to ensuring that our SLED customers continue to benefit from their technology investments.

Cisco Partner Summit Digital Theater/Area awardsreflectthe top-performing partners withinspecifictechnology markets across theworld.All award recipients are selected by a group of Cisco Global Partner Organization,and regional and theater executives.

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