Preparing for the PMP exam at home – PMP(r), Blog – Project Management Pro Training

Preparing for the PMP exam at home – PMP(r), Blog – Project Management Pro Training

You and your organization will reap the benefits of a Project Management Professional (PMP), certification. Not only can it drastically improve your career prospects by demonstrating your commitment and skills; according to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey, 80% of successful and high-performing projects were led by certified project managers.
It is now more than ever that it is a good time to learn new skills. How can you prepare for the PMP exam at home?
Formal training course

Despite the fact that classroom options are not available due to the ongoing pandemic you can still complete an online formal training course through an accredited education provider like The ILX Group. This provider ID 3490 is registered with PMI. Our accredited training is the best way to pass your exam first time. Retaking the PMP exam costs money and time, while good training will help you save time.
Our online course includes 12 months access to our PMP learning materials, tutor support, and a PMP exam simulator.

The latest edition of PMBOK Guide is your key to the most current information for the exam. The sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide is now available. Project management changes. This guide will give you the best knowledge possible.
You can purchase the PMBOK Guide from our bookstore if you did not choose it as an optional extra when you purchased your course.
Get familiar with the exam

Research the exam. Understanding the format of the PMP 200-question exam is as important as understanding the course content. You will be able to study according to the knowledge areas and types of questions.
Study plan

Which type of learner do you identify as?

Different people benefit from different types of learning. It is crucial to find what works for you in order to succeed. Do not wait for something to work for you. Instead, find a way to retain the most important information. Learn more about the different learning styles. There are several categories that you might fall under.

Set realistic goals. It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to read the PMBOK Guide in one sitting. You’re more likely not to meet your deadlines and you’ll feel discouraged when you miss them. Your learning journey should be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint.
Do not rush. You will save time and aggravation by taking the time to prepare.
Take breaks

It is important to allow yourself some downtime. This should be included in your plan. It’s not worth trying to force an overworked mind to take in anything. It’s better to take a break from the task and return to it refreshed than to try to persevere for a long time.

You can practice makes perfect so make sure to use our exam simulator. Mock exams can help you prioritize your time and highlight areas that are not covered.
Project Management Institute

Before you can sit for the exam, you must apply to PMI. To be eligible, you must meet certain formal requirements. The PMP Handbook contains more information about the PMP criteria and procedures.

Social media is a powerful tool. It allows you to connect with a whole network that is experienced in the same field. LinkedIn offers many project management groups where you can post questions or share study tips. This is a great resource in this virtual world. Although you might not be able share a classroom space with other learners, that doesn’t mean that you are isolated.

Everyone is different so be patient with your learning. It is hard work but rewarding to achieve a PMP qualification. Take the time to plan your PMP journey.
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