PMI Kickoff: No Cost Project Management Training (Review).

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Summary: PMI’s free course Kickoff teaches project management skills. It takes 45 minutes to complete, and includes useful templates. You can choose from Agile or Waterfall versions and earn a badge for either.
Are you looking to get free project management training? If you’re new to project management, an online course will help you get started.
You may feel a bit pressure when you are asked to manage a project. What does it really mean to get started? What is your first step? How do you know if it’s the right one.
It can be difficult to get your project off to a good start, especially if there aren’t people you can ask or resources (like project management documents).
Kickoff from PMI is a free digital learning platform that helps you launch successful projects in as little as 45 minutes. There is no jargon to keep you from moving forward, no boring lectures to make you sleepy, and no unnecessary material that you would find in a capstone seminar.
Kickoff Offers
You can choose between a predictive or iterative track depending on your environment (or both, as I did).
Simple, interactive activities that complement and reinforce the bite-sized content
Get templates that you can download to help with your planning and get started on your work immediately
Definitions of key terms you will most likely come across in your project
Ask the right questions at all stages of your project to the right stakeholders.

Are you ready for my review of this course in project management? Let’s go!
The Kickoff course is mobile-compatible and includes agile and predictive content. Who is it for?
Kickoff is a 45 minute course that teaches you the basics of project management. This course is a great resource for anyone who is responsible for leading a project. It could also be used as an onboarding exercise to help new members join a project team.
It’s free!
Templates! The right project management documentation is available for download. A guide will be provided on how to use it.
The questions at the start will help you decide which track is best for you. However, you can choose to take either the Agile or Predictive(Waterfall) track.
The course is mainly focused on the basics and does not include any fluff.
It’s a wonderful user experience. It’s easy to navigate and the graphics are amazing.
It is fully mobile-responsive, so it can be accessed on both tablets and smartphones.
You will receive a badge when you share on social media.

I don’t like the fact that the predictive route awards you a badge that reads ‘Waterfall’. It’s not a common term anymore.
The badge is not ‘connected’ with the Credly PMP(r), so you will need to download a photo of it and upload it on your LinkedIn profile. PMI has received my feedback. We’ll look into it and see if it’s possible to add it to the system in the future. However, I suspect they prefer to keep official badges for paid courses.
It was only tested on desktop so I cannot speak for the effect on smaller screens. Some elements, such as the drag and drop exercises might be difficult to see on a smaller screen.

Kickoff from PMIA An excellent free beginner project management course in both Agile and Predictive formats. This course is ideal for beginners and those who need a structured approach to project management.
Register for the course. You may be eligible to receive a referral fee.
Here’s how you can access the Kickoff course, which is free PMI training.
Step 1: Log in
Navigate to the Kickoff registration webpage.
Log in to your PMI account details, or create a new account if you’re not already registered with PMI.
Step 2: Accept these terms and conditions
You’ll be able to

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