New Course: Cisco CCNP Data Center (350-601 DCCOR)

New Course: Cisco CCNP Data Center (350-601 DCCOR)

This intermediate training video, 538 videos, by SPOTO trainers Jeff Kish & David Smith, covers the knowledge network engineers need in order to secure, automate, and implement network, compute, and storage infrastructure for a Cisco data center. It also qualifies for expert-level job positions.
This new Cisco Data Center training is available.
Cloud computing, lightning-fast internet, automation and many other factors are key to modern economic success. These essential services can only be delivered by professional, well-staffed Cisco data centers.
This training is divided into 77 parts. It covers topics like implementing routing protocols in a data centre environment, describing Cisco Cloud Service deployment models, and implementing Fibre Channel and UCS(R Fabric Interconnect as well as server abstraction.
You can watch a video of the course:

This course teaches you the following skills:
Explain Data Center Concepts
Multicast Routing explained
Explain OSPF Architecture
Explain BGP Concepts
Spanning-Tree Protocol explained
Virtual Port-Channels explained
Fibre Channel Fundamentals
Virtual Port-Channels
FHRPs Describe Data Center
Explain Overlay Transport Virtualization

This training covers the following topics:
Set up the OTV Environment
Review and Quiz
Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)
OSPF Routing Protocol
Configuring OTV FHRP blocking

This training includes:
Training for 69 hours
538 videos

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