Is there a perfect IT partner for your business?

Is there a perfect IT partner for your business?

You have a major IT project or your IT operations are not growing with your company and you need an extra hand. If you don’t have the resources to hire a new team, you might consider outsourcing some of your daily operations. You can do a quick Google search to find countless partners, but it can be difficult to identify the right market models and actual companies. How do you start?

Find the PerfectIT Partner for YourBusiness
We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing the right technology company to partner. Below are some examples of go-to-market models that we see from companies in this industry.
Caveat Emptor:this list is notexhaustive,and it is not focused on application companies, regardless of whether they are cloud oron-premisesfocused.The sole purpose of this list is to help you choose the right technology company for your needs.

These companies are usually focused on one vertical industry and have the goal to provide as much domain expertise as possible. They may also have niche solutions that are relevant only to their target audience.

Companies that are product-focused, also known as Value Added Resellers (VARs), are usually sales-oriented and have low overhead. Larger companies that are product-focused may have strong websites that allow for online transactions. This allows for lower overhead and helps to maintain profits.

Many technology companies are founded with a service-oriented focus, much like IE in 1996. Often just a few technical people decide they want to start their own business offering computer services and they usually focus on small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB).Thesefirmsalsospecialize in a specific set of technologies.For example, some offer desktop services while others may offer network or security services.Their service model may be project, retainer, time and expense, staff augmentation or managed services (regular billing intervals).Service focused companies can be a good source of technical talent if you can’t hire the expertise you need to be successful, whether from scarcity or budget constraints.

Service and ProductFocus
Solution providers are often known as businesses that provide solutions to customer problems.

Why choose IE as your IT partner?
Our core values guide our interactions with customers at IE. We know that every company is different and that IT solutions and services are tailored to meet their needs. To bring you reliable and cutting-edge technology solutions, we partner with the most trusted technology manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, we know the importance of transparency with pricing for these services and solutionsso you can make aneducated,cost-effective decision for your company.Most IT companies avoid price discussions until you’ve invested so much time with them that youhave little choice but to proceed regardless of the cost.We think there’s a better way. Talk to a member our team today to discuss your options.