Ending 2020 with Love and Gratitude

Ending 2020 with Love and Gratitude

2020 was an extraordinary year. Many people were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their lives leaving behind devastated family and friends. Others lost their jobs, which added stress and worry to their families.

The IE family experienced howdevastingCOVID-19can bewhenour VP of Shared Services,Dala Boyd,contracted the virus and had to endure a scary and challenging55daysin the hospital. We are grateful that she has since been able to recover and resume her role at IE.

During2020,many were hard pressed to find things to be thankful for, but we were determined to end the yearwith gratitude and giving.To boost morale, and as an act of gratitude for Dala’s recovery, we decided to end the year on a positive note by giving backto 3children’scharities.

Each donation was made in honor of Dala Boyd, for her many years of selfless and dedicated work as a foster parent.We chose two NC organizations,Least of theseCarolinas,andBeds for Kidsfor a local community impact, along withTupelo’s Children’s Mansionin Mississippi, which isvery nearto Dala’s heart.

Chuck Steiner, CEO & president of IE, said, “Even though this year has been difficult for most, maybe you can take a moment and reflect and be thankful that as an extended IEfamily we were able’survive & advance’ through 2020.”

Here’s to a new year of health, recovery, family. Although it is too early to predict what 2021 will bring us, we can stand together and know that our strength will prevail. We are here to support you, especially those who had a difficult 2020 filled with many negative experiences that could last a lifetime. Keep your loved ones close and let’s work together to beat the pandemic and have an amazing year!

From our family to yours

The IE Team
The Real-life Impact
Learn more about each organization and how your donations can make a difference in the lives of children.

Least of these Carolinas. Our donation went towards providing75 Bagsof Hope for Foster Children In NC. That means we were ableto assist75 children in Dala’s honour! A bag of Hope is a duffel bag for a foster child. LOTisgiven the child’s first name and a list with items they need or desire when they come into care. Each bag is made for the child and comes with a note from one of theirvolunteers. These bags are just one way to restore hope and give back a little of what the child has lost.
To learn more abouttheLeast of these Carolinasnon-profit organization, or to donate, visit their website athttp://www.lotcarolinas.com/.

Bedsfor Children: Our donation provided 33 fully furnished homes for children and families in NC.
To learn moreaboutthe Beds for Kids non-profit organization, read inspiring success stories, or to donate, visit their website athttps://bedsforkids.org/.

Tupelo’s Children’s Mansion: Ourdonationoffered generalsupporttoTupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM), a residential group home serving families and children in crisis situations.We knew this would make Dala happy.Founded in 1953 in Tupelo, Mississippi, the Mansion has provided temporary or long-term care to hundreds of children needing a safe and loving environment. It is one of the most respected and oldest institutions of its type.
To learn more about Tupelo’s Children’s Mansion,and to donate to their worthy cause,visittheir website athttps://mansionkids.org/.