CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003), a new course

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003), a new course

This 218-video training by SPOTO trainers Bart Castle teaches cloud specialists the knowledge they need to optimize cloud infrastructure and perform well in data center jobs.
This is the CompTIA training.
Cloud+ certification by CompTIA is vendor-neutral, just as many other CompTIA certifications. A vendor-neutral certification is a sign that you are a generalist and have broad knowledge. Although you may not be able to identify the deepest and most complex UI shortcuts of a particular cloud provider, you are able to understand what is possible in the cloud, and how to achieve it, regardless of which service or manufacturer you are on.
This Cloud+ training will prepare you for the Cloud+ certification. It covers the various skills and knowledge required to excel in a data centre job.
This 32-part training covers topics like analyzing your system requirements to successfully migrate work to cloud, allocating cloud resources according to performance data, as well as providing maintenance to ensure your system and operations run smoothly.
You can watch a video of the course:

This training includes the following skills:
CompTIA Cloud+ – Get Started
Explain Cloud Principles
Cloud Services: Benefits
Plan for advanced cloud deployment models
Identify cloud survival patterns
Cloud Assessments
Cloud Security and Compliance Planning
Cybersecurity in the Cloud: Plan
Certificates and the PKI
Secure Network Design

This training covers the following topics:
Cloud Service Architectures and patterns
Review and Quiz
Multi-Cloud versus Hybrid
Why get a CompTIA certification?
Statement of Work

This training includes:
35 hours of training
218 videos

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