Careers Site – AWS Skills Demand Surges

Careers Site – AWS Skills Demand Surges reported that there was a significant increase in demand for professionals who are skilled in the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
AWS isn’t the only target for cloud-centric employers. But, due to its status as the unquestioned leader and pioneer in the field, it’s the overwhelming target.
“On the number of job posts asking for skill in Amazon Web Services increased by 76 percent between June 2015, and June 2016,” stated Bob Melk, Dice President in his latest update entitled July 2016: Cloud-Based tools continue to dominate.
Other cloud-related job types saw an increase in demand as well, with reporting a 37 percent increase and DevOps demand increasing 35 percent and Cloud 28 percent respectively.
Melk stated that although “cloud” has been a popular term for many years, corporate enthusiasm for the model is still evident. Cloud services are far more appealing than maintaining an on-premises infrastructure because they can provision remote servers in a matter of minutes or update mission-critical software seamlessly. Cloud services are now available to clients as tech vendors provide tools that can be used to cover a wide range of business processes, including storage and marketing.
Other skills in technology that are increasing in demand include Big Data, as always, and automation and program management.
Melk says that the demand for cloud-related skills will continue for a while.
He stated that “the demand for cloud and data specialists will not abate anytime soon,” especially as the software platforms that power businesses become more powerful (and in many ways more complex),” he said. “Tech professionals can learn any new cloud-related skills to improve their careers. Employers should be prepared to pay top dollar for specialists in ever more ubiquitous technologies.