10 Best Project Strategy Software In 2022 – Digital Project Manager

10 Best Project Strategy Software In 2022 – Digital Project Manager

Project Roadmap Software Shortlist
Here’s a list of the top tools I’ll be covering in this article.
monday.com Custom status fields have background colors to improve clarity

Asana Create your project plan and project map simultaneously.

ProjectManager Progress bars allow your stakeholders to see where your projects are at any given time.

Wrike This tool has enough functionality to manage your roadmaps from the same place you have your project.

Smartsheet The right amount of customization to make project roadmaps.

GanttPRO A tool that provides roadmap templates to help beginners and give you a headstart on your roadmap

TeamGantt Project settings window can be used to quickly capture your project roadmap.

Hive Additional creativity is required, but you are able to manage your project roadmaps.

ProductPlan Roadmap tool has templates to suit almost every project need.

ClickUp Docs have embedded timelines as widgets to create a perfect roadmap document.

Do you ever get impostor syndrome when you are a DPM. It was something I experienced for a while. My only skill seemed to be that I was an organized person who knew a little about everything but not enough so that I could be considered an expert. If they tried, anyone could do my job. It was not strategic.
If you find this appealing, you might want to think about project roadmaps. Project roadmaps are the foundation for our programs and projects. They enable us to communicate to stakeholders the overall picture and how it affects their goals. This list contains a complete definition.
This article will highlight some project management tools I believe you might use at work. They are the best tools I have found to help me build a project plan.
Let’s see how I did it! Keep following me.
Comparison Criteria
What were my criteria for selecting the best Project Roadmap Software? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
Platform familiarity: We are actively trying to reduce how many tools you use every day, so I selected tools that you might already have for your projects.
User friendliness: I want you to assess if the project management software in question can visually communicate with stakeholders what the roadmap requires. I will also try to find a solution for those who don’t have it.
Integrations: I will show you which tools have power-ups or integrations that can allow you to work with third-party apps that could improve your roadmaps.
Value for $: I consider the cost of these tools. If they offer a free version or trial, we can test your use case.
Key Features of Project Roadmap Software
Phase progress: The software should allow you to display the progress made in each phase.
Color coding: This may seem like a simple feature, but colors allow us to visually separate information and allow our brains the ability to process it quickly.
Collaboration tools: You should have a place where stakeholders can give feedback. Look for tools that allow you to chat, comment, and receive notifications about progress, among other things.
These project management calendar tools can be used to map out your roadmap on a calendar.
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Overview of the 10 Best Project Roadmap Software
Below is a brief description of each software, along with some highlights and screenshots, to give an idea of the user interface.
1 monday.com
For more clarity, you can add background colors to custom status fields.
View the project roadmap table to see deliverables and mile